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My Mind Fitness is intended for training, education and coaching. The information is based off personal experience and relevant course learnings. It is not a medical facility, and will not diagnose or treat any mental illnesses or medical conditions. It is not therapy, and is not meant as a replacement for any other medical intervention. Enjoy Responsibly!

I knew my greatest challenges would be my greatest gift to offer this world. 


Severe anxiety is no easy feat! When nothing else in the Western Medical world worked for me, I started to dive fully into my own research. I knew my body was off balance- but why?


Through self-education, continuous work with alternative/integrative health practitioners and learning how to create a shift in my thoughts/perspectives, I have become an mind fitness warrior! 


I started my own blog website, turned coaching practice, My Mind Fitness in 2015. 


Shortly after, I brought Essential Oils home, and almost instantly decided I had to share these gifts of the earth with as many people as would listen! 

I am now living the life of my dreams. 

I am Certified as a:

* Professional Coach
* Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner
* Energy Worker
* AromaTouch Technique Practitioner

I am also a Natural Health Educator on the use of plant based medicine (emotional aromatherapy) and Host of an iTV Series, Mind Fitness™- modelled after my vision of teaching the masses all about a Holistic Approach to a Fit & Healthy Mind.

You can find me in my glory, teaching Corporate Wellness workshops, group workshops (stress detox, essential emotions, MindFit seminars) and running sales + business trainings for my team of Educators.


I bring purpose and passion to raising awareness and positive steps to gaining new perspectives and busting through limiting beliefs.


I preach on how you are meant to serve the former version of yourself, and for me, that means standing up for healthy minds everywhere! 

I believe as we elevate our community with our mission of bringing a voice to our cause, we all rise together. 

Are you ready to change YOUR life? 

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