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How to bring home these Gifts of the Earth!


If you have already attended a class/workshop or worked with me one on one, you would have learned all about the amazing benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils on upleveling your health & wellness.


You may be looking at using them for emotional aromatherapy, DIY cleaning or beauty products, weight management, medicinal purposes or simply, to live a more chemical free toxic free lifestyle!


Whatever the health goal- I have you covered :)


If you would like to learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils click here...

If you are ready to purchase a Kit (or single oils) choose from the options below (watch this video for a great explanation on the BEST value option):

1. Purchase a one year membership which gives you 25% off retail for an entire year! Get all your Essential Oils and health/wellness products at a discount. You can select the membership (introductory package) and some single oils, or purchase a KIT and your membership fee is waived!

Enter my personal ID 1705994 (as sponsor/enroller)

2. To purchase products at retail,  Select your products and ship!

I will send you an email once your order has been placed for your complimentary wellness consultation.



The Home Essentials Kit! Here is a video I made that will teach you about the Top 10 "make over your medicine cabinet" Oils, included in this amazing starter kit. The Home Essentials Kit can be found under the wholesale customer link for 25% off. From here, I would add on my emotional aromatherapy oils/mind mood management oils and Life Long Vitality supplements on the loyalty rewards program to earn some free product points!


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