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More Freedom.

Less Stress.


September 5th, 2012. I was sitting in front of my computer for 2 hours staring at the "publish" button on my Facebook post. 


I was so nervous but knew it was time I came clean to the world about the last 6 years of my life, hiding this severe anxiety and panic disorder. 


What will people say? Will they judge me? Will they think less of me?


Regardless... I had to do it. I create a beautiful blog website called My Mind Fitness, where I journaled all about my day to day life living with this debilitating imbalance, and overcame it with natural approaches. 


The response was OVERWHELMING. The feedback, the love, the support, the community. It all made me realize I was not alone. In fact, I was surrounded by many people who felt the same way.


So I decided it was time I stepped into my purpose. I got all my certifications over the next 2 years, and I turned my blog website into a Coaching practice. 


Since then, I have helped so many people achieve freedom in their lives. In the most important way possible- the freedom that comes with emotional wellness.


The freedom from the thoughts that bury them. 


Freedom from the judgment, the external need for approval, the anxiety and panic.


Having a fit & healthy MIND is in my opinion, the most important type of fitness routine you can commit to. 


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