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corporate wellness workshops

A healthy mind and body for the 9 – 5'er

Teaching you how to cleanse the top 5 unhealthy workplace & lifestyle habits. Let’s learn how to Fuel, Focus, & Feel Better in your workspace.

Ready for a WINNING Staff culture, engagement and more profitability? We understand your employees may not have the most balance in their lives, which is affecting their workplace productivity. Imagine your employees showed up on time, were happy, engaged and you had better retention? With combined backgrounds in Corporate, Coaching,  speaking engagements, training and facilitating, we are here to spark the change and get the BEST results out of your people! We have presented to the Toronto Blue Jays head office, GoodLife Fitness, International Life Expo, Naturopathic clinics and recently partnered as a Wellness Expert for the National Post.

Brittany Lynn

Founder of Brittany Lynn Wellness, I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) who focuses on helping people recreate their relationship to food; but more importantly the relationship they have with themselves. I do this through empowering people to make different food, supplementation and lifestyle choices.

Jennifer Bitner

Founder of My Mind Fitness, I specialize in Emotional Wellness. I teach people how to discover a holistic approach to a fit & healthy Mind. Because emotional wellness creates a balanced, HAPPY life.


It's time to become an emotional wellness warrior! 


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