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4 Week stress detox

Live More.

Stress Less.

This 4 week Jumpstart Program will change the relationship you have

to your Mind & Body. 

In these 4 weeks you will:

* Rid your body of the toxins that are bogging you up and making your body and brain work overtime

* Replenish your body with "the goods" (probiotics, nutrients, minerals)

* Weekly "Stress Detox" Meal ideas created by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Brittany Lynn 

* Learn about WHAT & WHY anxiety exists in your body, and how to kick it to the curb

* Discover how to bring down the Stress response in a matter of minutes- restoring your body's balance

* Detox the stimulation and external experiences that are causing you to operate from a place of FEAR


What's Included in your 4 Week Program: 

A FULL 30 Day nutritional Kit which includes:

- Probiotics

- Digestive Enzymes

- Whole food, bioavailable supplements:

-> Omegas infused with essential oils

-> Food Nutrient Complex

-> Cellular Vitality Complex (antioxidants, anti-inflammatory)

= Improved moods, better sleep, increase metabolism, balance blood sugar, increase neurotransmitter reactivation 

Serenity: The Calming Blend.

Used topically and aromatically to release feelings of Calm.

Online Group Coaching Facebook Group

- Weekly live interactive video coaching, focusing on      

   different topics each week- all about eliminating    

   Stress from the Mind and Body

- Weekly "homework" and program guidance

- Unlimited support within the private group

Total Health Investment: INTRODUCTORY PRICE--$195 USD*

*plus shipping straight to your doorstep!

Check out our FAQ's Here

Are you ready to change your LIFE? 


Nutrition Coach:

Brittany Lynn

Founder of Brittany Lynn Wellness, I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) who focuses on helping people recreate their relationship to food; but more importantly the relationship they have with themselves. I do this through empowering people to make different food, supplementation and lifestyle choices.

Mind Fitness Coach:

Jennifer Bitner

Founder of My Mind Fitness, I specialize in Emotional Wellness. I teach people how to discover a holistic approach to a fit & healthy Mind.


It's time to become an emotional wellness warrior! 

Next Program Starts:

Spring 2018



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