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The School of Life

April 15, 2014

Do you ever feel as though you are faced with the same situation over and over again and you don’t know why? Why does this keep happening to you? Why do you keep going through the same thing time and time again?


Here’s the deal… Life will keep bringing you the same test over and over again until you pass it. It’s part of being enrolled in the school of Life. So when you find you are facing a similar scenario as in the past- this time don’t run. Don’t resort to the all too familiar GGOTOSS (Grass Is Greener On The Other Side Syndrome) and just up and leave so you do not have to deal with the hardships that may be presenting themselves on your front lawn. Just stay put and deal. The hard fact is that if you try to maneuver around the situation and take your first left turn out of there, you’re only going to be faced with the lesson again down the road.


Life is meant to teach you. Learn from mistakes, repeat the processes that render positive outcomes and grow from our challenges. If times are tough right now, then grab some popcorn, a pen and paper and let’s get studying! Time to nail this test!


Perhaps its safe to assume the last few times you have been confronted with the lesson, you chose to write an essay on why life wasn’t fair, when all you had to do was pick the right multiple choice answers. Knowing that life is all about a journey of ups and downs, we need to be aware of all the side roads and slip our internal checking system to 4 x 4 when we know we’re headed for a bumpy ride. No use in always taking the easy path when that won’t teach us anything about the hills of life. Embrace the next time you recognize “I’ve gone through this before!” and think to yourself- what was my passing grade the last time? Oh, I failed. This time, I’m prepared to learn so I can apply the outcome.


So if you are presented with a consistent situation at work, or in your relationships, maybe it’s time to wonder if there is learning and growth to be had from taking the test. If you do all the work to educate yourself on what you’re faced with, chances are you will come out a better person, with a heightened appreciation and understanding for the people and situations on your journey. Maybe it’s something about your character you need to learn. Maybe it’s a skill that needs to be developed to take your career to the next level. Maybe it’s an emotion that you need to feel, or a thought process you need to break free from. Whatever it is, it is there to serve you. Besides, giving up will only mean you need to go through it yet again in the future.


So go on, get a study buddy, take some extra courses, read a book, do whatever you gotta do- just don’t drop out. Think about all the great things you have accomplished so far in your journey- this is just another one to add to your wall of ‘hard work pays off’.



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