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Feeding Your Mind, Body and Spirit

July 5, 2014

How simple is it be the healthiest YOU?

Very basic.

How easy is it to execute these basic practices?

Very challenging.


It takes so much dedication and power to make positive changes, but let me tell you… the rewards are

incredibly evident and worth it.


When I first started my journey, almost every practitioner taught me the same principles. I didn’t want to believe them, I wanted to believe there was an easier, quicker fix to my problems. That’s why I kept going to different people for different opinions! When in actuality, the most cost effective and time effective answers all laid in the SAME place… within ME.

So here is the simplest, basic way of outlining where your journey should start…


Feed your MIND:

Exercising the mind is the same as the body. It requires maybe 30 minutes daily, and you will see dramatic differences.

Feeding your mind with positive thoughts, certain behaviours and surrounding yourself in an environment that allows for the right type of mental stimulation. Removing negative influences (whether it be people, social media, news, loud places etc) can go a long way.

Reading educational or self development books. Going to self development seminars. Keep the mind positively active.

Past Traumatic events can cause our brains to make connections that will trigger similar events in the future and this is where we start to see a pattern emerge (lets use my example with my bathroom phobia-everywhere I went after that one event I had an anxiety or panic attack because of the connection my brain made to that certain incident)

You need to re-train your brain and remove the negative thought process around certain events to clear the mind of fear.


Feed your BODY:

Nourishing your body with the right types of food and fueling it with water. Your body is a fine tuned machine that requires oil and gasoline. When you deplete it of the above it starts to squeak and eventually break down.

Most of the time it’s not what we put IN our body it’s what we DONT put in it. We have such a lack of nutrients in our food these days that it makes it very hard to get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to grow and operate efficiently.

My best advice- seek out a Holistic Nutritionist who can identify where and what your body is lacking and help heal you through food (instead of medicine).


Feed your SOUL:

Your spirit and soul need so much TLC in the busy and hectic lives we lead in this day and age. Make sure you are taking time every day to meditate, or sit quietly somewhere you feel comfortable that offers you peace and quiet. Connect with the earth, feel the warm breeze on your skin and just be in the moment.

Try energy healing practices (Reiki is an EXCELLENT way to get connected and open your chakras). Practice a form of faith. Choose your outlet, but stay connected to your soul. Your soul is the only thing that came in with you into this world and will be the only thing that continues on after your body’s time is up. So make sure you have a strong affiliation with you authentically are.


Starve your EGO:

Our Ego’s typically can lead us down the road of materialism, consumption and over indulgence. Our Ego’s need us to feed them, but it’s in your best interest to let it starve.

When you let your ego’s power take over, you often lose sight of who
you are and who you authentically want to and should be. I will be diving a lot more into the Ego in future posts.


So, if you can swallow this information and accept that it is what it takes the journey becomes a little easier and little less complicated.


I will continue to post different ideas on how we can work on the items listed above… until then just let this concept sink in:

You’re goal is to bring it back to a time in this world where life was very basic. Eat to nourish and fuel body. Connect with the earth to maintain a level of self-awareness and gratitude, and remove the fear of the future, the worry of the past.. just be in the moment.

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