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Turn the Page

August 10, 2014

Each book of your life has a different ending. The only thing that stays constant is you; you are the main character. By the end of your life you will have a shelf of books, a series if you will. Each book has a different plot, has some characters that don’t make an appearance in the next book, and has different adventures. When we look at our library we will see some of the books of our lives are romantic comedies, some are thrillers, suspense, drama or tragedy and some could have been a fairy tale. It’s important to learn how to embrace the different genres.


I learnt this lesson recently after trying to wrap my mind around why I was feeling so down and unfulfilled after an amazing 2 years of my life. Let me explain… After 3 ½ years of the challenge to get my boyfriend Dave to marry me, he finally proposed. I was so excited! I got to spend the next year and a half planning my dream wedding. In the last year, I had 2 bridal showers, a stag and doe, a bachelorette party, destination wedding, a wedding reception at home, and an amazing honeymoon. This was immediately followed up by renovating our first home, selling it, buying a new beautiful home, moving in and furnishing it. We soon after had planned a wonderful housewarming party with family and friends and a week later I had a trip to Vegas for my 30th birthday! The fun was never ending. The ‘all about me’ was still living on! The weeks following the last party I started realizing things were changing. There were no more events, no big things to look forward to. Now what? Then a traumatic moment happened, our little fur baby of 16 years (our cat Kaylee) falls terminally ill and within hours of finding out, we had to make a quick decision to send her to kitty heaven.


I now felt like I had nothing left. I felt like I had hit a wall. I didn’t know what would make me happy anymore. Everything had changed, I was not use to a quiet house and not mention no more parties and to-do’s all about me. Then I realized… this is life. All I had really done was finished the last chapter, and turned the last page of another book in my series. I was now able to put that book up on the shelf with the rest of them. Now, I have opened a new book, with new stories, new challenges, new joys, new experiences and new people.

When I look at the main character now, I see there are two. I share my life equally in this new book with my husband, and our relationship is different from the last book.


It’s important that we recognize when one of our books have ended. If we keep re-reading a current or past chapter, or don’t have the courage to close a book when it has ended, then we can never start a new one. So, if you are currently ready for a new start, a new beginning, then it’s ok to turn that last page. Put that book on the shelf and leave it there. There’s no point going back to read the past, hoping to find answers, or wonder why the book turned out the way it did. It’s already written so let it be. It brought you to the next one. Opening the front cover of the next part in your series is exhilarating. Once you become aware of this power, you can start to choose what genre your next book is going to be, and start to write the script based on what you want to have in your life.


So how about it… why don’t you go ahead and turn that page.


The End.

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