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It's called a Journey for a Reason

October 5, 2014

Do you think someone got to the point of needing to lose 50 pounds overnight? No. Did you get to the point of having an unhealthy mind overnight? No.


It often takes months to years of repeating bad habits that will cause you to be in the position you are today- starting or continuing on your journey to creating a more fit and healthy mind. So remember that it WILL be a challenge at first to re-train your brain and make more positive connections and replace old behaviours or thought patterns. It’s just like going to the gym and lifting weights to work on your physical fitness. It’s hard and takes commitment to start and maintain it. The question just has to be- is it worth it to you to be healthier? Is it worth it to you to change your life?


Could you imagine your life with less worry and stress about future situations that typically make you fearful?


The answers to these questions will determine your readiness to start your journey and do the necessary processes to maintain a healthy mind.


One of the things I love about being a Mind Fitness & Lifestyle Coach is I have been there. I’m still there some days. I know what you’re going through and I know what lies ahead. I will probably always struggle with making the choice to do the things that will get me to my ultimate mind fitness goal. It is not easy. Each day I have to make the effort to correct thoughts, eat properly, workout, meditate and do what I need to do to stay balanced (because having a balanced life is essential to recovery). Even though I have come so far, and most days I wonder how I ever went through what I did, I still have to make the right choices everyday if I want to maintain the healthier mind I have now. Don’t get me wrong- when I do slip up and feel the consequences of an unbalanced life I do deal with the anxiety all over again. I just have to pick myself up- look at where I have been, and where I am now, and know that I am in a better place. We can always start fresh tomorrow!


There are days where you’ll have hiccups. You will break and fall into old habits that produce those old results. It doesn’t mean you have un-learned all the new behaviours or thought patterns, it just means you need to pause and assess what is off balance so you can adjust.


Remember- do not be so hard on yourself when you do make the choice to start the change. It can be a very bumpy road. Be at peace with the small successes and always remember to celebrate them no matter how many hiccups there are. It will take time and practice, but as long as you don’t give up on yourself, every day that goes by that you stuck to it is another day closer to your goal. Every little action step is worth something. Every right choice is a step down the road. Everything you learn along the way will help you, and every obstacle becomes a learning opportunity. Just keep going. Not everyone makes the choice to change… some believe it’s easier to just accept their undesired life as is. You make the right choice for you- because you CAN make a change. You are not destined to an unhealthy life if you choose not to be. Take some breaks and look behind you and see how much you’ve conquered this far- it will amaze you to see what life is like on the road less travelled.

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