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From Food to Thoughts- My 4 Month Journey

January 28, 2015



So here it is... THE END is near! I am entering my last week of my four month long, not only nutritional overhaul, but LIFE style overhaul. What a journey this has been!


I started off dreading mornings where I couldn't have my coffee and toast, never going out on weekends because I had a hard time resisting temptations of wine and good tasty foods and craving my pizzas, chips, chocolate and ice cream.

Now, instead of saying "I can't eat that" I naturally say "I don't eat that"


I have amazingly transformed my once toxic insult infused body, to a healthy healing temple. I have made connections between my Mind to tmy Body and my emotions have started to really balance. I no longer crave as much of those sweet foods- although I am sure I will have my share once and a while.



I no longer feel compelled to go out and get hammered and stuff my face with fast food or carbs. I have healed a lot of the emotional connections to food and I make very sound grocery decisions! I have learned how to read labels and I know very well what I am putting into my body. Beyond just the food- there are so many ways in my life I have switched to using products that will help promote healthy and healing.


This was by far one of the best (but most challenging) experiences I have chosen to untertake during my journey towards a more Fit & Healthy Mind.


The biggest take a way- Food/Fuel is one of the MAJOR contributors related to Mind/Mood Management and the ability for us to release blocked emotions/energy. I HIGHLY recommend people start with changing their Fuel intake and see the dramatic difference it makes.


Be well! xo


May 5th 2015




It's been 5 weeks since I have published an update on my progress. How time flies!

To sum it all up... I have pretty much re-introduced most vegetables back into my meal plans along with all types of meats/proteins. I have concluded tomatoes, brocelli and kale/spinach are NOT my friends. Starting the process of elimination. Still 100% off sugars, even fruits, and I must admit, I feel AMAZING without the added stimulation.


I just got back from a week away in the Dominican Republic. What started off as 3 days of pure temptation of sweets, desserts, tropical drinks and yummy fruits, ended in me being completely full of right choices and feeling at ease. I managed to avoid all the sugar and tempting foods and stick to my meal plan. I didnt think this would be possible but it was. I ate smart and was one of the very few in our group that didn't fall ill. I had ANXIETY FREE plane right there and back and experienced nothing but relaxation and peace. It was NOT easy at first, as all I have ever known is partying and eating and drinking on all inclusive trips. This showed me a new way of looking at "enjoying the moment".


Coming back to reality, I have one month left of my protocol/treatment. Having used Food as my therapy, I have realized the importance of what we fuel ourselves with.


I am using these next 4 weeks to really crack down on my final stages of probiotics and all the right processes. I can feel myself healing in more ways then just the gut.


I really recommend anyone going through life's journey to start with Food. It has been incredible what life changes come out of balancing what our bodies naturally need.


March 29th 2015




I can't believe I am actually saying this... I am totally use to this new way of LIFE!


It took 9 weeks of ups and downs and challenges and willpower- but I made it. I am now in a place where my supplements are routine, making all my meals from scratch is normal and eating Whole foods is like an obvious choice. I am skin brushing before every shower (best feeling ever) and meditating before bed and when I wake up- something I certainly was convinced I didn't have time for before.


I finished 5 weeks of soup like meals. FIVE WEEKS of all my food being in soup form- OMG!

And I survived- who would have guessed it.


This week I reintroduced tomatoes and I noticed I bloated after eating them each time. So for now, as my small intestine is still healing, I will remain off tomatoes. Listening to my body and giving it what it needs, while taking out what it doesn't like, is kind of neat. It's like you become friends with your own self.


I can't believe how I look at my old ways of eating now. My husband last night pulled over into a fast food joint to grab a burger and I was revolted at the smell and thought of eating it. Not even ME eating it, just him eating it. I knew right then and there my Mind had finally made the switch. Not to say I may never have a bit of something tasty- but at this point, I can't even think about it.


For the first time in 9 weeks we went out on a Saturday night. We went to the Casino. I have avoided going out since I started this because I relate nights out on the weekend to Wine and tasty sweets. Two things I can not have right now. As we left the casino, winnings in hand, I realized how I can still live life without being drunk and bloated! Who knew!


I am really growing more than I imagined throughout this process. I am so grateful to have experienced what I have thus far. Still a while to go, but I am even more excited now to see what life will be like in 1.5 months (and for the rest of my life!)




March 15th 2015:




This week was one of the tougher weeks by far.


I was on my third week of soups and bone broth, when I started to have reactions. As I introduced tomatoes, I started to bloat and feel sick like after meals. Having had tomatoes in all my meals, I have to start back to week two this week (instead of being on my last week of soups). Now as I reset my body, I will re-introduce new foods one by one in a week from now and test my independant reactions.


This really threw me off. I started to become frustrated this week with my body, the process, the whole bit. This was probably the exact reaction I needed. I took a few steps back and meditated yesterday in an effort to discover where these emotions were stemming from. I realized how I was looking at this protocol as "4 months" and not the repairative healing process that it is. This is not something that should have a time limit on it. It's purpose is to heal myself from the inside out. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally then physically. This is going to be a lifelong process and new habits that will stay with me as I grow.


As I go through this process, I am letting go of certain emotions and behaviours/habits I have been holding onto for a long time.


This major setback this week was in fact a huge leap forward.


It's about our perception.... so, IM HAPPY FOR MY SOUPS THIS WEEK!


February 27th 2015




Just finishing up my very first week on Bone Broth soups! You heard it here first folks- 4 weeks of nothing but homemade bone broth with my veggies and meat simmered in so everything I consume is soft (and apparently easy on the digestive system).


I have to say, before this week began, I was totally scared for what was ahead. But, now I have made it through my first 5 days and I'm still alive. Bonus.


First 2 days I was so incredibly hungry. Then I realized the missing piece- fat. I can't believe I am actually dumping LARD into my soups to curb hunger. Eww. In actuality, it doesnt taste all that bad!


I find I eat less often, which isn't actually a good thing. So, I need to ensure I am packing enough food where ever I go so I can eat every 2-3 hours.


Snack time... ginger tea. This is my life for 3 more weeks!!


I can say, at least I am getting better equipt in the kitchen! Never owned a pressure cooker or hand blender before, so thats a first. I think by the end of this month I'll be looking so forward to my whole food plan! Maybe that's part of the process... appreciation for the healthy food- cause it could be worse, you could be eating soups 4 times a day and that's all.


Benefits- I have had barely ANY anxiety at all. I am also a whole lot calmer these days. I find I don't need as much sleep either. To top it off, my skin has been super healthy looking!


Gotta go- carrot puree is calling!



February 15th 2015




So three weeks is what it took to kick the sugar cravings and coffee cravings! This week I was in a total routine of eating 3 times a day (breaky, lunch, dinner) and filling the snacks with veggies or a banana and almonds. My tea filled the void of coffee and sweet potatoes were my go-to for something filling. I know, doesnt sound that interesting but you get use to it.


I did slack a bit on my 3 times a day vitamins and supplements however. I find that when one thing becomes habit, another thing back burners. This week I am working on combining all the lifestyle changes. 8 glasses of water a day, my supplements, 3 meals and keeping up with #takebackthegap. I will say- no social media is more and more liberating every week!


I can not believe I am going my fourth week with no sugar, wine or coffee... this really amazes me!

This week I also got a lot better at prepping my meals. I got a great natural cookbook and planned my groceries and made meals in advance.


This is my last week before bone broth... I'll enjoy the meals while I can!


February 8th 2015




Going into my third week now and I must say, I'm getting pretty good at this new lifestyle! In my first week nothing was harder than not having my daily coffee and my nightly glass of vino. Now, I actually feel a sense of accomplishment being able to sustain from the poutines, coffees and Friday night pizzas. Don't get me wrong- it was super hard not to call 946-11-11 and order my favourite weekend treats, but I had to find an ounce of self-control and resort to another plate of chicken and veggies. Oh, and did I mention, I have not used the microwave once! Yup, everything is getting reheated on the stove... I am really turning the clock back 50 years!

I feel a lot better now, my thoughts are more in line with positivity and balance. I feel detoxed and I am not bloated whatsoever (before I started this I looked like I was 5 months pregnant after every meal!)


Having not checked facebook, instagram, or any other social media has also been an amazing cutback! I have found all this free time and been filling it with actual worthwhile things. I have spent more time with my husband, laughed more, spent time around the house doing things that have been on the to do list for months. I tell you, when you #takebackthegap, all this time just appears. You wouldnt think a moment of swiping down a newsfeed would actually rob you of so much more.


What has helped:

For the coffee cravings- dandelion blend actually tastes just like coffee, but its non caffeine and its herbal. It comes in individual packages for single serving instant hot drink. Perfect supplement!


Prepping my food in advance was KEY! If I didn't have food in the fridge already to go for the day, I would be pretty rushed and wouldn't have anything to eat on the go. Finding food once you're out is a lot more challenging.


I also found that if I was craving something my husband was eating, for example, just by closing my eyes and taking a deep sniff in, I could imgaine what it would be like to eat it, minus it actually ending up in my belly! That's right. Use your imagination : )


2 more week until the next stage of the Digestive Protocol


February 1st 2015




So the first week is over! Probably wondering how I did... So here it is:


Food: I found myself very hungry at most times. Trying to plan what I had to eat for the day in advance was kinda of new to me. That is something I am going to change this week- pre plan and pre make my meals! It was hardest at nights to avoid giving into my cravings. I wanted sugar, carbs and chips... lots of chips. But, I did it. I knew there was a greater goal in mind. I went out on Saturday night for the first time on this nutrition protocol and it wasn't as hard as I thought! I ordered a burger without the bun, guacomole, tomatoes and lettuce! The patty was made with ground beef and spices- no fillers. NO wine, just water and lemon... that was the hardest part!

By Sunday (today) I am starting to find it easier to eat simply and in small snacks and 3 big meals. In fact, it was easier to buy groceries when I can not go into the aisles. Keeping up with the supplements- I need a bit of a reminder and missed a few meals, but I just pick back up for the next round.


Mind: My thoughts have been much clearer this week. By the end of the week I was sleeping great, full nights and waking up naturally with no alarm.  I am really starting to realize how crucial this type of living is. Without social media, I found a lot more gaps and time to reinvest into things that are helping me grow. I have been reading articles on nutrition and watching documentaries. So far it looks like a challenging but rewarding journey! Not giving into the cravings and choosing time relax (yoga/meditation) is really what takes the effort. Here is to week two!





January 29th 2015




WOW! What a mission to get through these first few days... I would give my left leg for a bag of sea salt and malt vinegar chips, let me tell you...

At night I have barely even slept. My blood sugar has been working overtime regulating, so I am wide awake at night and of course, can't have coffee the next day to wake me up!

Oh, and feeling hungry? Ya. All. The . Time.

So my holistic nutritionist said to up the protein, take some fish oil and put some cinnamin in hot water before bed.

So I'll see what that does...


Now that negative Nancy has had her piece, let's talk benefits. I already feel my levels of any nervous energy or anxious energy dissipate.  My levels were pretty good going into this (from all the other great lifestyle choices I had made) and this makes me even more fresh!


I am starting to feel lighter in my body. Not weight wise, but just that feeling. Feelings of more clean and less toxic. I can tell I am starting to flush out the old "stuff".


Not to mention the input of supplements to add to this new way of eating. 8 pills a day! Magnesium, multi's, bio-digest- oh my! Oh... and fish oil 2/day. For a girl who never even took one vitamin a day, this is pretty intense... but soo worth it.


This weekend will be my first test at no fun food, no wine, no chilli on superbowl Sunday.


What is one to do??


January 26th 2015




So tired, all I want is COFFEE!! Ate clean all day, nothing but organic meats, veggies and healthy fats. Drank tons of water. Then it happened... I couldn’t resist... I made myself a black coffee! Drank two sips then dumped it. I noticed how hard it was to completely cut it all out at once. So I was okay with that. 2 cups down to 2 sips. We’re getting somewhere.


On the #takebackthegap front... No social media was pretty calming! What was funny, by 6pm I had my laptop out checking emails, and saw I had an invitation to Linked In. So I accepted. Then found myself 20 minutes into a profile creep fest. Like an addiction. I was scrolling through. I would never have invested time in Linked In before, but now, as deprived from the outside world as I have been in these 10 hours, I filled the void. Then realized, WOAH!! This is totally social media and I am definitely not choosing my Gap appropriately. That's how engrained in our Minds it is to fill our gaps with unnecessary stimualtion. Well, here’s to tomorrow!


January 26th, 2015


So here goes everything!!


I am glad you decided to follow me as I embark on a new wellness path for the next 4 months.

I have decided (with the coaching and assistance of Holistic Nutritionist, Stephanie Dodier) to eat 95% living foods for 4 straight months. If it at one point lived, or breathed, I can have it. This is what she calls a Digestive/gut healing Protocol. From years of anxiety, anxious energy, stress on my digestive track; and not to mention years of junk, sugar, alcohol and caffiene, I am going off it all completely! No sugar, no coffee, no alcohol, no grains, nothing! These four months of just natural food, will give my body a chance to heal itself. My intestinal track can repair and heal the gaps and rid of all the toxins and bacteria that live in our 'guts' because we keep feeding it (sugar). I can not wait to see not only how I look, but how I feel and how my body responds with my brain. There is such a HUGE connection between what you fuel your body with and how it sends signals to your brain to trigger certain systems in your body- like the flight or fight system (responsible for anxiety and panic attacks).


After making this choice a couple weeks ago (and starting it officially today) I also decided to sweeten the pot for myself. I noticed how incredibly over stimulated my Mind has been lately. Posting everything in my personal life on social media and now learning how to use social media outlets for my business, it became super exhausting and time consuming. I had all these sites to worry about, getting posts up, and of course I would check what everyone else was doing in their lives too! I felt like I was trying to manage a million things and keep up to date and plugged in with everything. I knew this was not in line with what I preach. I was falling into the over stimulation craze that our society is way too privvy too. So, what better way to kick off my four month journey then to completely cut out social media too! No facebook, no instagram, pinterest or anything! All I allowed myself was my website and email. Perhaps a little YouTube here and there!


My mission is to start a challenge called Take Back the Gap. Ironically, I started a hashtag with it a month ago and now I can not even tag it with my NO social media! The purpose to to take back the gaps in our day where we use to sit in silence, or observe our surroundings, or, get this.... talk to people.

Before we became so plugged in we use to have free time. We use to be way more in tune with ourselves and those around us. Taking back those gaps is liberating! It allows you to find peace in your own world. Enjoy your journey, as oppose to being so caught up in everyone elses. It allows you to make choices with what you want to fill your day with that is present, in this moment, in the now.


I invite you to come with me on this 4 month path, through the ups and downs and see what life is like when we just get back to the basics.


Let's do this!

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