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Natures Medicine- How to Choose the 'Right' Essential Oils for You & Your Family

May 17, 2015


In November 2014, a friend of mine dropped me off a diffuser with a few vials of Essential Oils to diffuse in my office at work when I would experience high levels of stress. I had just hit rock bottom with my decade long journey with severe anxiety, coming off a 2 week 'stress leave' at work because my Nervous System had shut down. She offered me this gift to help me relax and instill calm into my busy, hectic life. 2 months later, I fell in love with these Oils. I started using them all the time. I did a TON of research on the company, the brand, the vision and the ethics behind their business and most importantly, their product. A few months after that, I decided to add this line of Essential Oils into my practice. Everything I stood for, I found in this company. My experience had (and still is) been one of pure love and healing.


My reasons for aligning my own business, My Mind Fitness, with the tools and platform of my Essential Oil company, dōTERRA, was because both are solely focused on love and healing. Healing others through education and empowerment. My personal choice came from a place of truth, as every leader and teammate I encountered, was nothing but humble and caring. The Oils and helping others heal through the use of oils, always comes first. Business comes second, as they understand when people experience healing, products will sell. I loved this approach. That's what these oils bring- true healing.


So, I wanted to make it easy for someone to choose which Essential Oils are the best fit for them :)


I relate choosing your brand to my experience in managing a Fitness club...

Having spent the last 10 years working in the Fitness industry, I know a thing or two about competition. Even though we are the #1 Fitness chain in Canada, top 3 in the World, we still have our fair share of competition. The way I look at it, any fitness club you go to will likely have equipment. Some places will have more variety, better quality, offer better services and have a culture that separates it from the others. But, they all have the basics. So how do you choose? You must make your decision based on what 'feels' right for you. I always prided my team on not slandering another company or facility in order to gain a member, but to solely create value on what we offer- the value sells itself. Where do you see yourself most motivated to show up 3 times a week? What environment gives you that sense of acceptance and makes you feel welcomed? Which facility offers the services, quality and options that are right for you. Most of all, which place/brand are you most inspired by their vision, their ethics, their values? When you are aligning yourself with a choice that impacts your health, your wellbeing, you want to make that choice from a place of honesty and truth. In other words- go with your gut! Does it feel right for you.


When you are choosing what brand of Essential Oils to choose, I would for the most part, use a similar strategy. Here are some pointers:


1. Check purity and potency. Did you know, according to FDA, 100% natural can mean upto 80% is synthetically created. Know how your Oils are sourced and tested. There are many theories out there on which type of sourcing is better than others- just do your research on what feels right for you.

2. Does the companies vision, mission statement and ethics match your values? If you will be trusting your health with the product this company delivers, know their background, what they stand for, and what kind of support they will lend you.

3. Check the Label- are they safe for internal use? Are there any fillers (or carrier oils to dilute)?

4. How does the company give back? sustainability/initiatives (example- dōTERRA has co-impacting sourcing and gives back through Helping Hands Foundation which I LOVE)

5. You get what you pay for- if they are 'cheap' they probably are made with cheap ingredients. If you are using for internal or medicinal purposes don't go for savings, go for effectiveness.


All in all, these Essential Oils have been a blessing not only in my home, but in the homes of all Wellness Advocates I have had the pleasure of getting to help on this journey.


Good luck in finding your healing power- I am here to offer any assistance I can!


In love and light,







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