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frequently asked q's

Q: Is this program safe if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: All the products in this program are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mamas. If you have any questions, please contact your healthcare provider!


Q: Is this program safe if I am on medication?

 A: We always recommend speaking with your healthcare practitioner before starting any new routines if you feel there might be any concerns. That being said, we feel very confident in using this naturally based restore kit to help support the body's prime functions.

Q: What type of time commitment is there for the 4 week program?

A: You will have 1 Live group Coaching call a week- every Friday night 7-8pm EST on the link provided. If you happen to miss this call, it will be recorded and uploaded into the group. We recommend doing your best to be on live, as it will give you the chance to ask questions! Outside of that, you can ask questions in the Facebook group throughout the week, you will want to prep your meals, and do the homework provided. 

Q: What kind of results should I expect?

A: Everyone will have results that match their efforts. If you do the program to the fullest, you can expect to have more energy, less stress, less anxiety, feel better, have a better connection between mind and body, understand more about what the body is going through, have a better relationship with yourself. You will also learn what foods to eat to support a calm and balanced body, learning about how we fuel our bodies. 

Q: What if I am already a doTERRA wholesale member, do I have to sign up again?

A: No. You will not be required to purchase another wholesale account. If you already have a membership, you will need to purchase all the products listed in the Stress Detox program, show proof of purchase, and then you can just pay the program fee of $40. (This fee is waved for those signing up for the first time during this program)

Q: How do I now if this is the right program for me?

A: If you are tired of being tired and stressed. If you feel like you are burning the candles on both ends. If you always feel burnt out, over worked, not motivated or just plain exhausted. If you feel you are not fuelling your body properly because you do not have time, or know what the best fuel is. If you want to learn and implement easy, natural, safe and effective ways to bring your body back to balance, without breaking the bank- then this is it!

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