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jennifer BITNER


After spending a decade of her career as a General Manager in the Fitness industry, she retired from the corporate world in 2016, at the age of 33, to pursue her desired life as an entrepreneur with a company she started called My Mind Fitness™.

She is on a mission to Educate others on tools for positive emotional, physical and financial wellness. 

She now teaches + empowers others on a holistic approach to a fit & healthy mind + body.

Integrative medicine is becoming a more sought after way to approach our health priorities, and Jennifer is a leader in this movement. 

Jennifer is the author of Just A Girl With Anxiety: A Journey to Mental Freedom; a certified Professional Speaker through the Elite Speaker Academy; a Think and Grow Rich Trainer (in progress); a Global leading Educator on the use of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (dōTERRA) and the Founder of an international selling Planner for Essential Oil business owners. 

Through all her business growth, Jennifer has learned one very important lesson, success can be healthy + effortless when we operate from a place of surrender. 

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